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K8s CC - Task 0: Set up you testing environment


Minikube is a tool that allows you to run a single-node Kubernetes cluster locally on your computer. It’s designed to enable developers to learn and experiment with Kubernetes or to develop applications locally before deploying them to a larger Kubernetes cluster.

Install Minikube

Follow the steps in the here to install and start Minikube:


kubectl is the command-line interface (CLI) used to interact with Kubernetes clusters. It allows users to execute commands against Kubernetes clusters to deploy applications, manage and inspect cluster resources, and perform various administrative tasks.

Install kubectl

kubectl will be configured automatically to authenticate to Minikube during the minikube installation process (check ~/.kube/config). However, you might still need to install kubectl itself. To install kubectl Follow the steps here:

Clone examples repository

Once you have your environment ready, clone the following repository

git clone


Task 1: Basic kubectl commands

By: Ahmed Abugharbia
Date: 1-1-2024